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A Pressure Gauge Snubber are intended suppress excess force or rapid movement in mechanical systems. Pressure gauge snubbers continually increase the service of life of a pressure gauge. The adjustable pressure gauge are provided with the Adjustable Needle Valve.

Pressure gauge snubbers body made from fully brass or stainless steel. There is piston snubbers that provide a five piston for use a variety of media. Pressure Gauge Snubbers is a cost effective solution to protect the expensive instrument. The adjustable choke valve is also used as a positive shut-off valve. The Universal Adjustable Snubber has a ball check cut-off to block line surges, shock waves. The pressure gauge snubber is also used for protecting the pressure machine/instrument from the fluctuations, surges and spike. It also protect from excessive heating or pulsations in the medium.

Pressure Gauge Snubbers

Pressure gauges snubber and switches are mostly used instruments in a plant. Pressure gauge snubber will protect the pressure gauges from the harmful effects of vibrations.