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Gauge cocks are intended to isolate the gauges from the medium in order to enable inspection or replacement of the gauge where the pressure in continually pulsating.Gauge cocks and gauge root valves Gauge Cocks are Designed in compliance with industrial standards these cock and valve are widely used for isolating the pressure gauge from pressure medium or to throttle and to damp pressure pulses. Gauge cocks provide an economical way to shut off the flow of air to the pressure instrument. These valves are easy to install and very low in maintenance. The gauge cocks are connected to the pipework. Gauge Root Valves offer a safe and economical method of installing pressure switches, gauge and differential transmitters. They are suitable for block & bleed assemblies to test pressure source required in sampling the line or purging the valve. The gauge root valves are widely used to suppress the effect of sudden pressure pulses and fluctuation of pressure peaks. They are suitable for block and bleed where a purge valve, sampling line, or test pressure source is required