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Gate valves are widely used for all type of application. The gate valve is the most extensively used ON/OFF valve for great diameter, full port gate valve applications. These are particularly considered to be used in crushed coal mills and in coal-fired thermal authority plants. Gate valves are calculated for fully open or fully closed service. Gate valves can be separated into two types first is parallel and second is wedge-shaped. Gate valves are mainly designed to start or stop flow. The disk of a Gate valve is entirely removed when the valve is fully open the disk is fully drawn up into the valve Bonnet. Typical gate valves are designed to be fully opened or closed. Gate valves can be used for a vast number of fluids. A needle valve is a type of valve usually used in flow metering applications. The actuator takes the form of a nut which is rotated around the threaded stem to move it. A Gate valve can be used for a wide range of liquids and provides a tight seal when closed.

Gauge cocks are intended to isolate the gauges from the medium in order to enable inspection or replacement of the gauge where the pressure in continually pulsating.Gauge cocks and gauge root valves Gauge Cocks are Designed in compliance with industrial standards these cock and valve are widely used for isolating the pressure gauge from pressure medium or to throttle and to damp pressure pulses. Gauge cocks provide an economical way to shut off the flow of air to the pressure instrument. These valves are easy to install and very low in maintenance. The gauge cocks are connected to the pipework. Gauge Root Valves offer a safe and economical method of installing pressure switches, gauge and differential transmitters. They are suitable for block & bleed assemblies to test pressure source required in sampling the line or purging the valve. The gauge root valves are widely used to suppress the effect of sudden pressure pulses and fluctuation of pressure peaks. They are suitable for block and bleed where a purge valve, sampling line, or test pressure source is required

Manifolds Valves and related to instrumentation application. A manifolds valve combines one or more isolate valves. These manifolds valves are used with Pressure gauges, switches or transmitters.

Manifolds valve is used for combustible gas trains in much application. A manifold is created by attaching several assorted hydraulic values to one another. The Hydraulic Manifold Valve is attached to the levers present in the operator’s cabin of the machine, and the operator uses it to get the desired movements. The manifold valves are directly connected to the levers in the operator’s cabin, which the operator uses to achieve the desired behavior.

Manifolds valves basically come with very small sizes. They are sometimes used as component parts for other valves.

A Ball Valve is a mechanical device with a spherical closure unit that provides on-off control to flow. Ball valves are quarter-turn and straight-through valves. A ball valve consist a round closure element. Ball valve is best used for fast acting for start and stop application.

Ball valves are available in a variety of body parts. Ball valves are commonly found in following systems on ships. The ball valve along with butterfly and plug valves, is part of the quarter-turn valve family. A Instrument Ball Valves size in 2 inch and it’s generally come with a single piece, two or three piece design. A swing check gives a valve the feature of a check valve. This prevents media from backing up into the system.

A ball valve is used to start of stop the services just like throttle or regulate the flow or movement of media through a system. A ball valve generally comes with a metallic body. It consist a brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and plastic etc.

Needle Valves are usually used in flow-meeting applications. Needle valves also used in fluid pipelines for controlling the flow of fluid. If we look the design and working principal of needle valves we understand that the needle valves are similar to globe valves.

A Needle Valve in linear motion valve used to make fine adjustments in the amount of fluid flow. Needle valves are frequently used as metering valves. Needle valves could also be used in various industrial equipments where motion of work must stop slowly at the end of operation. Needle valves are often used as bleed valves in water-heating system. Needle valves also used in vacuum system.

Needle control valves are basically small sized valves. Needle valves are used to control flow in delicate gauges. Valves are a part of many daily-used machines and perform a variety of functions. They are sometimes used as component parts for other valves.

A mechanical device that is used to display the pressure of unit is called pressure gauges. Pressure Gauges also called vacuum gauges. Pressure gauge is zero-referenced against ambient air pressure. The zero reference is usually implied by context.

Digital pressure gauges have no operator interpretation required. The Digital Pressure Gauges offered a digital screen. The multi-function display also features a bar graph with a drag pointer. Differential vacuum pressures are commonly used in industrial process systems.

Diaphragm pressure gauges are almost predestined for the highest demands of aggressive materials, such as one finds in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Pressure gauges are suitable for gauge, absolute and differential pressure.

Instrumentation Valves are safe, robust, reliable and it has a economical option for low pressure application. The instrumentation vales are highly applied in chemical industry, food beverage industry, etc. instrument valves is used to change the length of tubing.

This type of valve is used to control liquid flow. The advantage of Instrumentation Valve is that the actuator force required for controlled movement is greatly reduced.  This allows for smaller and cheaper actuators. The maintenance costs is lower than other. Instrument Valve is designed for leak free closure, regulation and management of fluids in process systems.

A Hydraulic system uses compressed fluid to transfer force applied at one point to another point. Hydraulic valves are available in a wide variety of models and configurations. Hydraulic Valves are Similar to Needle Valves. A hydraulic valve property directs the flow of a liquid medium, usually oil, through our hydraulic system.

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Hydraulic Valves are coming with much different mounting style, for ex. mounting in pipe line or flanged mounting. Hydraulic valves are divided into three categories: 1. directional control valves 2. Pressure control valves and 3. Flow control valves. Hydraulic valves are low in maintenance and it very cost effectiveness. This is available in many different models. Hydraulic valves system is totally flexible.

Hydraulic Valves have high power output but it is depends on requirement of equipment. Main benefit of hydraulic valves is easy parts replacement.  It also helps the control flow and direction flow.

Needle valves work well for processes so they can require precise control of gas flow. Most of needle valves come along with vacuum gauges, for gas lasers or regulate the filling of voltage regulator tubes. Needle valves are a like control valves.

A Needle Valves has a relatively small orifice with a long, tapered seat, and a needle-shaped plunger on the end of a screw, which fits the seat exactly. The needle valve is specially modified to control the flow of liquid and gas so that the flow can be ultimately shut off completely and decreased gradually. Needle valves work well for processes so they can require precise control of gas flow. Most of needle valves come along with vacuum gauges, for gas lasers or regulate the filling of voltage regulator tubes. Needle valves are a like control valves.

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Needle valves are made of robust and durable material. All valves are tested for bubble-tight leakage at both seat and packing. Valves can be supplied to NACE MR-01-75 specification and degreased for oxygen service.

Needle has a needle-shaped plunger and small port. Needle valves are used for vacuum system to control the flow of gas. It can be controlled like increase decrease and shut off. It is also used for flow-metering application.

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Needle valves are also used in flow metering applications when a constant especially minimum flow rate maintained for some time, such as the idle fuel flow in a carburetor. Needle valves are common in engines with carburetors. It allows precise regulation of flow it is most only capable of relatively low flow rates. Needle valves is most of use every industry in incredibly wide range of applications. If Needle valves found in utility equipment so we can use it to natural gas consumption.

Needle are commonly made from copper steel and it robust material. Needle valves allow pressure to be removing or add in very small increments. Needle vales is use in Oil and gas industry in gas or liquid dispensation.