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A Ball Valve is a mechanical device with a spherical closure unit that provides on-off control to flow. Ball valves are quarter-turn and straight-through valves. A ball valve consist a round closure element. Ball valve is best used for fast acting for start and stop application.

Ball valves are available in a variety of body parts. Ball valves are commonly found in following systems on ships. The ball valve along with butterfly and plug valves, is part of the quarter-turn valve family. A Instrument Ball Valves size in 2 inch and it’s generally come with a single piece, two or three piece design. A swing check gives a valve the feature of a check valve. This prevents media from backing up into the system.

A ball valve is used to start of stop the services just like throttle or regulate the flow or movement of media through a system. A ball valve generally comes with a metallic body. It consist a brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel and plastic etc.

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