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Needle Valves

Needle has a needle-shaped plunger and small port. Needle valves are used for vacuum system to control the flow of gas. It can be controlled like increase decrease and shut off. It is also used for flow-metering application.

needle valves

Needle valves are also used in flow metering applications when a constant especially minimum flow rate maintained for some time, such as the idle fuel flow in a carburetor. Needle valves are common in engines with carburetors. It allows precise regulation of flow it is most only capable of relatively low flow rates. Needle valves is most of use every industry in incredibly wide range of applications. If Needle valves found in utility equipment so we can use it to natural gas consumption.

Needle are commonly made from copper steel and it robust material. Needle valves allow pressure to be removing or add in very small increments. Needle vales is use in Oil and gas industry in gas or liquid dispensation.

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